Density & reduction

 The Asobi project is the idea to develop a new range of shapes through the play, as a state-of-mind of creation. Flavien Delbergue’s starting point is the semi-products that surround him : tubes, ropes, cylinders, surfaces… He transforms them by simple processes of molding, drilling, sanding or gluing. These transformations aim to reappropriate the essence of these discreet materials to explore their own qualities. Then, he adds basic assemblies - tying up, fitting together - to enlarge the shapes possibilities.

From this range of shapes, he develops more precisely three series with cup and ball game (bilboquet), vases and lamps. Each series is corresponding to a creation’s principle: the density of materials, the economy of ressources and tools and the research of an atmosphere.

Each cup and ball game induce to do a particular gesture thanks to the many densities of the materials used. This intuitive posture requires a full play of the body and mind. In this essential state of concentration, the player have to manage to live fully the moment and thus, to appropriate truly the game.

Vases are part of reducing ressources processes to design and manufacture an object. Here, semi-products - PVC tubes - become a tool to mold the leather before becoming material containing. This modest approach to matter echoes the contrast between emptiness and fullness, a necessary contrast to the function of the object. 

Lamps combine the two previous approaches, density and reduction, bringing a new sensitive dimension : intimacy. Through a simple handling of the object, the intensity of the lighting vary, the atmosphere is transformed silently according to the needs.

Together, these objects are part of a new repertoire of shapes. They answer to essential functions - to play, to contain, to light - to tend towards a necessary balance in a interior contemporary home.

Launch : Design Parade Hyères 2019

Photography : Flavien Delbergue - Design studio