For brands

The studio, engaged in a constant dialogue with its clients and partners, pays close attention to the state of mind of a brand and contributes to broadening its universe through new perspectives on its know-how. Through an incisive global vision combined with a sensitive creative approach, Flavien Delbergue and his studio share their expertise on multiple design missions.

With its passion, freshness and engagement, Studio Flavien Delbergue strives to offer its clients and partners high-impact solutions for our daily lives. Convinced that a meaningful art of living improves the quality and comfort of life in our societies, the studio designs and develops products and interiors that are part of this approach.


Product design / development


Artistic direction / brand identity - Takumi Pâtisserie - Boulangerie


Product design / development / follow-up production - Vilebrequin Play


Furniture design / interior design - Enedis Lab

Saint Laurent

Interior design / development


Product design / development - Tableware La nouvelle table, Meal x3, Mix & match