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Everyday objects question Flavien by their uses and the way of appropriating them through each culture.

According to him, the meaning of the objects is inherent to the way we draw them. Outlines instill the state of mind. Thus, the studio is driven by this spirit and gives back to the objects their place for domestic, tertiary and hospitality spaces.

It is based on a global and singular approach. Each project becomes an immersive journey where lifestyle, cultures and know-how are placed at the heart of the concept. The studio’s practice is based on an intuitive sense of the product, a sense of the necessity. The function must be obvious. The essence of the material is brought to light by simple transformations which they has become a signature of Studio Flavien Delbergue.

This modest approach to the material with a work of contrasts textures and a sense of details contribute to create timeless and balanced products.

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