Beauty of Kumamoto's Shochu

Renowned for the quality of its Shochu, the prefecture of Kumamoto and its craftsmen have called upon TCI Laboratory to promote this alcohol and its multiple subtleties internationally.

Contacted by TCI Laboratory, Flavien Delbergue - Design studio designed a bespoke porcelain set including a carafe and glasses.

International porcelain market offers many proposals. In this context, the unique character of this project lies in the formal simplicity with this twist of a square base and a circular top. This shape differs from the current offer to give a real identity to the Shochu of Kumamoto. Made locally, this porcelain set accompanies the shochu tasting and is part of a global approach to promote the shochu abroad.

Client : TCI Laboratory

Launch : 2021

Service : product design

Photography : Flavien Delbergue - Design studio & TCI Laboratory