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Japan Handmade

An immersive experience in Japanese craftsmanship state of mind

Six craft companies from Kyoto came together under the support of Danish studio OEO Studio to create a platform for international growth. Japan Handmade was born with a strong ambition to explore new boundaries and to bring the beauty and poetry of the Japanese design aesthetics to the world.
In 2014, Flavien Delbergue went in four of these workshops. Immersion in Japanese crafts, learning the techniques, developing proposals projects, and crossroads of cultures have punctuated this experience. A local environment that has a global reach led by core values for design.

KAIKADO, is a brand established in 1875 in Kyoto. Kaikado creating metal tea caddies. After more than 130 years, the Chazutsu tea caddy is still Kaikado’s signature product and is highly appreciated for its splendid style. 

NAKAGAWA MOKKOUGEI, wood craftsmen based in Shiga. He's using some The company prides itself of its wooden buckets (ki-oke), which are handcrafted using a technique developed 700 years ago during the Muromachi era. 

ASAHIYAKI - founded more than 400 years ago - is located in the Uji Region, the oldest tea-producing region of Japan. 

KANAAMI-TSUJI was established in Kyoto by head artisan Toru Tsuji and draws on the traditional craftsmanship of Kyo-Kanaami (metal knitting), which is believed to be more than ten centuries old and is used for kitchen utensils.

Movie & photography : Studio Flavien Delbergue

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