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Brasserie Japonaise

In 2022, Studio Flavien Delbergue was invited to design a restaurant in a 200m2 space as part of the renovation of premises in a Haussmann building dating from 1878. The space is located in the heart of Paris's Avenue de l'Opéra and the emblematic Japanese district of Saint-Anne. The concept behind the restaurant is to combine the elegance of a traditional French brasserie with the excellence of Japanese cuisine. 


From the moment you enter, the all-glass façade and counter create a sense of depth in the space, punctuated by a play of textures in the materials used. Wood, ceramic tiles, copper and leather have all been selected for their ability to develop a patina over time, creating the warm atmosphere that is representative of brasseries.

Client : Private company

Year : 2023

Service : interior design in collaboration with Jules Mesny-Deschamps

Photography : Studio Flavien Delbergue

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