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La Caverna contemporanea

Room 19

La Caverna contemporanea takes its point of departure from Rome's Renaissance grottoes, which once served as intimate hideaways and secret meeting places for the Medici family. Immaculately white, room 20 plunges its guest into intimacy, and adorns its walls with enveloping curves to make way for the room's signature artwork. A dreamlike parterre of hand-dyed, hand-embroidered paper flowers extends the 16th-century flower garden into the architecture itself. 


The expression of materials occupies a central place in this contemporary grotto, where craftsmanship also plays a key role in the curation of furniture and accessories of apparent simplicity. Together, these elements balance each other to create an atmosphere conducive to escape and creativity: a vision of contemporary re-enchantment.

Client : Villa Medici

Year : Not completed

Service : interior design

Artwork : Lucie Touré

Photography : Studio Flavien Delbergue

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